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Vladimir Sivc, was born on 19 August 1979 in Osijek (Eastern Croatia) a.k.a. Mr. Louie, presents the Funky Destination project.

As a revolutionary return to the retro feeling of pure and clean funky instinct he was up to create wild & groovy sound. Louie made his first steps into music taking guitar lessons. Later he was doing some rockin' business singing and playing rhythm guitar.

In the late '90 he moves from the eastern part to the west coast of Croatia (Adriatic Sea). Meeting with turntable components he experiences working as a DJ.

Later he starts to produce his own music, traveling through various styles, using house and tribal elements trying to avoid artificial sound processing as much as possible. Using live instruments, the sound remains fresh and alive, resulting in a music product which vibes contain unbreakable power of moving.

Welcome to your Funky Destination!


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