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About Kraak Records

Kraak Records is an electronic label. Running under Timewarp Music, acting as a sublabel, to host and explore new forms of modern electronica. Almost in every possible dimesion, width and depth, with just one thing in mind: Electronic sounds without limits, borders and musical styles! Generally we love all the "Good styles of modern electronica", and we will try to bring you some new experiences.

Music Info

We have an exclusive way to release and select music, a new model....
Our record label specializes on new forms of modern electronica. There is no style for our releases. We love all styles and vibes of true and really good music out there! Be sure to send us your material if you think its good. We will listen and give you feedback, or better if we think its good we can release your music through our networks..

Our music catalogue can be found on-line on many various digital music sales retailers worldwide. Our releases are available now as special edition CDR's and can be purchased at our on-line kraak store together with a digital download in the same price/order! Visit Kraak Store.


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