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Timewarp was introduced to electronic music at age 13. Captivated by the fledging technology's potential he started working on his own sounds and soon found his musical identity in the area of chill sound beats.

Being a dj as well as a composer he became known in the greek 'underground' electronica scene. Over the years he appeared in numerous parties and venues and he collaborated with one of the pioneering dance projects in greece known as "insearch". Influenced by and joining forces with a number of other composers and artists he started expanding the character of his music.

Combining smooth trance baselines with melodic instruments like the flute and exotic percussion and vocals, creating a very characteristic worm ethereal worldly trance sound. At the same time his production style moved into progressive waters obtaining a dark, rough edge that gave his music a dramatic intensity.

His well-defined music signature can be easily identified in all his productions from ambient downtempo to nu dance. After ten tears of development in music technology Timewarp has contributed in many releases with record labels, multimedia projects, and did also music for commercial motion tv spots and played on many festivals.

DJ, Producer, Remixer, Mastering Engineer: Timewarp

Founder / Owner: Timewarp inc, Timewarp Music, Kraak Records, Timewarp Mastering

Aliases: Timewarp, Timewarp inc, Sampleheadz, Groove Monkz, Timewrap


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